Valley Green, always a beautiful park to visit in Philly.

Valley Green, Fairmount Park Fairmount Park is a municipal park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It consists of East and West Park, with 9,200 acres (3,700 ha), all overseen by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, successor to the Fairmount Park Commission in 2010. It is the largest landscaped urban park in the world. Continue reading Valley Green, always a beautiful park to visit in Philly.

Fly Eagles Fly

Eagles Roster Eagles Website Fly Eagles Fly! Eagles Dominate Steelers Win – 34 to 3, September 25th, 2016 Led by rookie phenom Carson Wentz and an absolutely stifling defense, the Eagles took down a Super Bowl contender at the Linc, demolishing the cross-state Steelers, 34-3. With the win, the Eagles are 3-0. And thanks to the Giants’ loss, they’re all alone in first place in … Continue reading Fly Eagles Fly

San Juan, PR

San Juan has a beautiful climate all year round: San Juan has a tropical monsoon climate and enjoys an average temperature of 81.0 °F although 90 °F or highering the wetter months of northern summer, especially if the winds come from the south. In the winter, temperatures can drop to around 60 °F, though the average winter low is 71 °F. Rainfall is well-distributed throughout … Continue reading San Juan, PR

Buskill Falls – Hiking Trail Video

Worth, watching the video as it shows the actual hiking trails and the falls. Shot with in HD video that crystal clear and the sounds of the falls is crisp and relaxing!  If you love nature, water, forest and just the outdoors, this video is you. It will also give you an idea if this a “must” place to visit.  I score a five and … Continue reading Buskill Falls – Hiking Trail Video